Zombie Craze


Zombie Craze - a full-featured shooter on Android with a third person, which is the main difference between this new game about zombies. Most games about zombies made in the genre runner or just shooting range. This game is made in an interesting format, so it should be talking about.

With the game Zombie Craze luck to anyone who likes a bloody slaughter zombies, because it is waiting for you now "kroshilovo" with a lot of blood.

To create the game environment, developers have approached very responsibly, carefully and with great attention work out the details, have come up with impressive effects. In the game you are given a lot of different opportunities, for example, you can go inside the buildings.

The plot, as such, the game is not just the city was in the sea of ​​zombies who want to destroy. The gameplay is constructed in such a way that supports three modes of play, such as infinity, survival and mission. Do you have a map, a small area to explore. On this site are located shelter, but everywhere there are zombies, they literally climb on all sides. At the levels you can collect various bonuses, which along with your mental capacity will help to overcome all the zombies. Thus, the gameplay is fun and exciting.

The main characteristics and advantages of the game Zombie Craze:

· Simple but addictive gameplay

· Support three modes of play

· Clear and simple operation

· Wonderful design with beautiful 3D graphics and stunning soundtrack

· Several cards

· A variety of weapons and other items that can help in the fight against zombies

· Lack of Donata

· Per game do not pay

Negative characteristics of the game Zombie Craze:

· In principle, they do not, but it would be nice to get more cards and opportunities

· Bloodthirsty game (a lot of blood on the road), but many like it

Summary: download faster, until the developers have not changed its pricing policy, because the game is excellent.


Download Zombie Craze apk Free 40.38 MB version 1.0.1

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