NOVA 3: Freedom Edition


NOVA 3: Freedom Edition - free and very addictive shooter for Android smartphones, in which you have to fight for the safety of earthlings.

Exciting epic story, in which the four months since the victory over Cal Volteritami was killed President Folsom, and the colony passed under the protectorate Volteritov. Cal was forced to go into hiding, but Elena had sent him a message hopeless, full of desperate pleas, and he went back to our blue planet to help its residents. After years of wandering humanity returns to Earth.

The main features of the game NOVA 3: Freedom Edition:

- Spectacular epic story

- 10 different levels - from the Earth to the devastated city Volteritov frozen, passing that you can make a fascinating journey across the galaxy

- A variety of weapons

- Various skills: running, shooting, driving and flying.

- Support for the seven network modes (Capture points, Every man for himself, Capture the Flag, etc.)

- The possibility of participation of 12 players on the 7 maps

- The organization of the battle with the allies, who together with you may be taking place in the same vehicle.

Download NOVA 3: Freedom Edition apk Free 16.18 MB version 1.0.1d

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