Gun Master 2


Gun Master 2 - good shooter for Android. A distinctive feature of the series of games Gun Master is that you are playing in a real dash. In the market of computer games many products in this genre - the sniper shooting ranges, shooting at the attacking zombies, and this - just shooting stills, quite original target and with a lot of weapons. Someone shooting at a shooting range may seem boring, but fans will appreciate the game at its true worth, because realism, which organized the gameplay is bound to captivate and capture your attention for a long time.

Of particular note is the realism of the fire - there is also the return and spread, and accuracy. Flames leap from the barrel weapons, looks very real, and the sound of gunfire is no doubt that you shoot in real dash because carefully chosen.

The game is very nicely decorated with excellent graphics, excellent written not only weapons and targets, but also the environment. Comfortable and judicious management, which provides the ability to customize the sensitivity of virtual joystick.

For shooting game has a lot of weapons and the ability to modernize and improve. Use the entire arsenal can only those who spend real money, because there Donat, which extends to one location. All in the game three of them, and this is not enough! The first location opened at once, you can open a second for the received points, and the third opens Donat, ie it need to buy.

The main characteristics and advantages of the game Gun Master 2:

· Many kinds of weapons - more than twenty

· The ability to upgrade and improve weapons

· Excellent graphics

· Interesting models as targets

· The process of shooting very close to the real

· Physics of weapons carried on five

· Free download

Negative characteristics of the game Gun Master 2:

· Donat

· Really only two locations, because the third - exclusively Donat

Summary: in terms of the quality of the game gets the highest score in terms of gameplay and the ability to capture all user - hard to say, rather, it is only an amateur, the rest quickly get bored, but policy development here at deuce, because Donat and terribly small locations.

Cache for the game is in the directory: sd / android / obb


Download Gun Master 2 apk Free 10.5 MB version 1.0.5

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