Planet NAM NAM


Planet NAM NAM - this shooter for Android is able to cheer you, maybe more shooting, but good and claiming to be a shooter. In any case, the game is dynamic and with a good sense of humor, a bit like Tower Defense, only in the first person.

The idea of ​​the game is
that must constantly resist the onslaught of the enemy. Attack the enemy will be
three passes, and
Each attack will be more aggressive than the previous one, so do not
and relax
beware. Disastrous for you can be recharging weapons when run out of ammo, not

the game is more than enough, the whole arsenal. It differs rate of fire, the number of rounds in
store (which is important!) yes
just appearance. Do Not
explosive device, such as grenades, rockets and

The main characteristics and advantages of the game Planet NAM NAM:

· Enemies that attack - this bird

· A large arsenal of weapons and explosive devices

· A lot of action

· Certain similarities with the game Tower Defense

· Good sense of humor

· Exciting jobs

· Lack of Donata

· Per game do not pay

Negative characteristics of the game Planet NAM NAM:

· To improve the efficiency of the game using a simple graph

Summary: If you are not carried away by sophisticated gameplay shooter, shoot at funny dash you enjoy.


Download Planet NAM NAM apk Free 38.33 MB version 1.0

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