Zombie Assault Sniper


Zombie Assault: Sniper - Android game made ​​by characteristic patterns galleries that does not make it original, it can hardly be called a super-game, but it should be noted that it is done at a decent level and deserves our attention.

There is a difference between primitive and more tirami cool shooter. First show that this shooter, but then will come to understand that it is a shooting gallery. Unfortunately! The idea of ​​the game is simple - shoot at the attacking you or attacking a particular area of ​​zombies. To repel the attack of zombies ("usual" and animals) at your disposal will be a crossbow, cold and firearms, as well as grenades.

Game pleasing graphics, in which it is made. Registration as a pleasant surprise - a variety of thoughtful and detailed pictures. At four we can estimate the drawing weapons and zombie enemies, but the effects are pulling at C grade. Perfectly executed sound - terrible music is in tune with the sinister plot, gunshots sound realistic.

There are, of course, something to criticize, as they say, a fly in the ointment, but these little things are not fundamental and will not be an obstacle for those who do not like zombies and ready to fight them. These little things include the ability of some to survive a zombie with a gunshot wound to the head, while others die from the wound in the leg. Another minor drawback - the defense of empty space, ie, the point where the zombies are attacking hanging yellow shield. It's hard to understand what they attack and why.

The main characteristics and advantages of the game Zombie Assault: Sniper

· Decent graphics

· Thoughtful position

· Excellent sound and music

· 16 weapons

· Variety of attacking zombies

· Convenient operation, easy to understand

· For the game do not have to pay!

Negative characteristics of the game Zombie Assault: Sniper

· Unfortunately not up to the shooter

· There Donat

Summary: quality shooting range, but because of the zombies are not very original.

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