Zombie Evil 2


Zombie Evil 2 Developers from FT Games have developed a whole galaxy of games on the theme of zombies on Android, including Hell Zombie, Zombie Road, Zombie Assault: Sniper, two Zombie Frontier, Zombie World War, the first part of Zombie Evil, and now more and The second part of Zombie Evil 2. It should be noted that most of the games are very popular among the fans, the number of downloads of some of them exceeded 10 million. Agree, this is a powerful argument.

As for the second part of the Zombie Evil, then there is no fundamental changes, innovations and special she is also not different. Conceptually Zombie Evil 2 - is a shooting range, as most of these games.

Graph, where the game is made, can not be called modern. One gets the impression that the game began to develop a long time ago, and this process is delayed. Developers complicated levels, adding more enemies, so life honey did not seem. What saddens and disturbs, it is the abundance of blood.

The popularity of the previous games developers include spodvigla Donath, who in this version of the game has become more powerful - increasingly have to feed him the money to continue the game. This shortcoming, which many users have successfully coexist.

Key features and advantages of the game Zombie Evil 2:

· The game supports 7 languages

· Wide arsenal

· An opportunity to improve weapons

· Many varieties of zombies - four dozen

· Change of weather

· A large number of levels, but a lot of the same type

• Download the game for free

Negative qualities of the game Zombie Evil 2:

· Not quite modern decor

· Pretty hackneyed idea

· A lot of blood

· Hard Donut

Summary: the market of computer games offered to a large number of similar games, but if you are not afraid, not afraid and quite banal gameplay and Donath, download and play, most likely, you will like.


Download Zombie Evil 2 apk Free 46.21 MB version 1.0.3

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