HELI HELL - shooter with a strange name for Android, which combines shortened helicopter and hell, belongs to the genre scrolling shooters. The name reflects the action in the game - after going a couple of steps, you find yourself in hell, where you attack a huge number of enemies. Everywhere there was an explosion, flying helicopters.

HELI HELL is not much different from the vast amounts of other games in this genre, because it is quite difficult to come up with some kind of a chip to be different from others. The essence of the game is to ensure that you are flying along the path to repel the attacks of enemies, ie shoot back, avoid their shots and collect bonuses. We offer a variety of her mission are to fly, shoot, dodge, collect coins - all, as always!

Note good graphics, but without much detail and effects. All characteristics of the game can be attributed to the average damage - the plot, the job of the mission. It would be very nice if the number of subscribers has also reached the average level!

The positive characteristics of the game HELI HELL:

· Agree that the four helicopters - are better than one ship

· Have a weapon (16 species) and super weapons (4 types)

· Enough varieties of enemies

· Interesting boss battles

· The opportunity to play in several modes

· Statistics achievements on Facebook

· For the game does not have to pay

Negative characteristics of the game HELI HELL:

· Brakes on many devices

· Control can be modified

· The presence of advertising

Summary: The game will appreciate the, first, fans of games in the genre scrolling shooter, and secondly, those who like helicopters. In general and overall game can not be attributed to the outstanding representatives of this genre.


Download HELI HELL apk Free 13.43 MB version 1.0.12

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