The Rockets


The Rockets - classic shooter on Android. A year ago, the guys from Local Space declared this project. More recently, the game appeared on the android, so there is enough time for the development and production of the product class. The technical part is not questioned, but the genre and storyline, graphics and design to discuss.

Genre classic. Flew from the bottom up, you shoot from all that hinders, attacks and just moving. Games created in this genre countless, free and paid, using modern space graphics and more. Storyline is also close to the classic - you bravely hold harmless the Earth from the monsters that come out of space and want to take over our planet.

Graph is smooth and beautiful, but not steep. Many blacks on a colored background looks nice, although not new. Design. Silhouettes spaceship enemies even volleys - black, can be confused with his enemy.

Advantages of the game The Rockets:

· Four chapters

· More than 40 levels, which can be extended by using the Update

· On many levels, you can get bonuses

· Implementation of the updated classic genre

· The opportunity to keep statistics leaders on Google Play

Disadvantages of the game The Rockets:

· Free game only partially after 10 levels you (the first chapter) offers to buy

· Graphics and design could be more perfect with the proviso that the game is still paid

· Bored, get bored, because, first of all, a lot of black, and secondly, there is no diversity

· Soundtrack also monotonous

Summary: If you are a fanatical supporter of this genre, this game will fully satisfy you.


Download The Rockets apk Free 21.64 MB version 1.24

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