Space Brothers


Space Brothers - defensive game on Android. Distant future. Our galaxy is in danger, she's been attacked hosts of enemies who want to win yourself a piece of cake, but there are always people ready to defend. You have to take the side of the heroes and fight back audacious bandits.

Despite the exciting adventure in which you will be involved, the game differs quite simple. Two brothers - those heroes who will restore justice and for whom you play. They have a big ship, within which you will build a defense. The ship is equipped with two guns, one of them shoots automatically from another'll shoot you. The game implemented in some variations TD.

Like all defensive game, Space Brothers offers a wide selection of weapons and possibilities for its improvement, thanks to scoring. Your task - to earn as many points as possible to improve the armament of the ship and to rebuff the enemies that are attacking him actively.

Key and the positive properties of the game Space Brothers:

- Global battle in space in order to restore justice

- A variety of weapons - more than 10 species

- Well-established system updates arsenal

- The variety of enemies

- A large number of adventure

- A large number of awards!

- No need to pay

What saddens game Space Brothers:

- Lack of diversity, so the game does not carry on for a long time

- Donut

- Simple graphics

Outcome: uncomplicated schedule allows you to install and play the game even on devices that do not have power reserves. Fans of "shooters" is very like it, you can spend your time ..


Download Space Brothers apk Free 33.88 MB version 1.5

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