Plane Shooter 3D: War Game


Plane Shooter 3D: War Game - shooting game on Android. If you like to shoot in the dash, this game is for you, but you will shoot from the anti-aircraft installations, keeping defenses. Everything that moves in the field of your view, is the purpose for which you have to shoot. The game is made in the genre of shooting range, and is known to all shooting ranges are similar and it is difficult to think of them something new and different.

The game deserves criticism, because it contains some, to put it mildly, strange moments, for example, fire control. Special button "shoot" no. In order to bring down, for example, flying a plane, you need to restore sight and hold the aircraft at gunpoint, then only anti-aircraft gun will fire. Furthermore, no settings. For downed enemies you rely gaming money, which you can buy new, more powerful weapons, without which undergo more difficult levels will be quite problematic.

Environment carried out without compliance with the storyline and is not well suited to the unfolding events. The graphics on the C grade, and all the details no one did.

Key features of the game and positive Plane Shooter 3D: War Game

- The game is so simple that we can say primitive

- The result of the lack of detail - similar to each other enemies, although a lot of them

- The graphics are not characterized by high quality

- Free download

Negative characteristics of the game Plane Shooter 3D: War Game

- The almost complete absence of settings

- There is little chance the enemy, because there is no view distance

- There is no control over the process of reloading weapons - when he wants to, then recharges

- An unrealistic picture of the downed plane

- The game is no different variety, so quickly bored

- Insufficient movement - the process poorly captures

Conclusion: The game can not be described as satisfactory and worthy of attention.


Download Plane Shooter 3D: War Game apk Free 30.16 MB version 1.0.3

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