Sky Force 2014


Sky Force in 2014 - an amazing and addictive game for Android, which is already ready to celebrate its 10th anniversary in style incredible destruction. Awesome mix of styles and genres, such as arcades and shooting, which is able to unite here with the latest technology smartphones, Sky Force 2014 offers an unusual and exciting shooter with awesome social gameplay.

Now as at the expiration of 10 years, IGN stated: «Sky Force - a terrific game." Awesome rating, which was 9.5 points out of 10 Sky Force was able to conquer the market of mobile games. And so, incredible enhanced return.

There is already a dizzying graphics with stunning 3D-graphics, intuitive touch controls and a great update system, forcing you to dip into an incredible gaming experience for many game clock.

Exciting weekly battles that take place in the unique new levels, as you drive your battles against legions have other players Sky Force in 2014, getting a decent reward not only for winning, but for the salvation of others already retired pilots, true, is not it .. .

A statement that the Sky Force 2014 is the hottest shooter - it's not a loud statement, this completely updated gameplay, global library of achievements will inspire both amateurs and experienced players, because you pumped his ship, moving at an incredible battlefield.

Sky Force 2014 has features:

- Incredible levels with exciting missions that will have you walking

- Many battles with the bosses, causing you adrenaline

- Have the opportunity to upgrade their defense, weapons, missiles, lasers and magnets megabomb

- Be warriors and risk your life for the salvation of civilians

- Fascinating weekly battle with other players

- Your end points increase due to successful achievements in the game

- Stretch a helping hand and save the dead enemies, giving you get extra lives and stars

- The game is likely to appeal to both novice and have a pro

- A great accompanying soundtrack and full voice guidance.

Embark on a path of pain and become the best, and most importantly enjoy the gameplay.


Download Sky Force 2014 apk Free 11.59 MB version 1.04

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