World of Worlds - War of the Worlds


World of Worlds - great and addictive game for Android. Here is a 2D space shooter theme. This genre of games have already been presented multiple times. Than interested in this game, look at the details.

In spite of everything - a classic of the genre, like the classic shooter. Your main task - is to protect your planet from alien invasion. Here they are a huge number, and you are one. You will need to perform the feat, to do the impossible. Your flight is bottom-up, shooting tirelessly on ships. Flown past you ships, fly further and more precisely nowhere. Then you realize that the main task - just to survive and bring down the enemy will be able to bring you the desired coin, which will be your ranking among the friends and the Internet.

Your enemies - flying saucers, each of which will bring you 10 coins, and a flying something like a skull with brain as much as 50 coins, well, of course, as without bosses.

World of Worlds - War of the Worlds has features:

- Absolutely free, no ads and other

- Great classic that is loved by many

- Great simple gameplay and nothing slows

Speaking about the shortcomings can be noted that the game is too simple, and that the graphics, it might be better.

The result - a good classic game with an interesting feature, other analogs such as Sky Force at times better, more interesting and more pleasant to look at, but to read at the time.


Download World of Worlds - War of the Worlds apk Free 15.04 MB version 1.1

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