Gunship Counter Shooter 3D


Gunship Counter Shooter 3D - Meet the wonderful game shooter on Android. Especially for you from developer The Game Boss presents this game. Developers have already introduced us to the races, and Fly, and arcades and puzzles, quests, and strategies, as well as the game is about beauty. And most importantly, that these games have a good rating. But the game Gunship Counter Shooter 3D exceeded all expectations and received a score of 4 points. It is important to note that you can find quite different komenty on the game, so you can discuss the question more detailed.

The game's plot is as follows - Your hero is in the inferno. Once inside the epicenter of the enemy forces, where enemies are attacking relentlessly on you. Can immediately note the minus, because it is not very comfortable to stand in the middle of the street, holding a gun, I'd rather stand in the shelter and shoot. Although your enemies also look a bit ridiculous, running out on you in the fully open position and do not resist.

In your hands two machine guns in which the cartridges do not end, and only end of life. Besides reliable gun you have and gain the right menu. But more often, you 95% of the time its possession'll shoot machine guns, rotating around its axis and shoot everyone who sneaks to you. Guided by radar, which can help you.

The game is really a shooter, because can not move and will only revolve around its axis.

As a result, we can say that you can pass your time.


Download Gunship Counter Shooter 3D apk Free 26.53 MB version 1.0.4

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