Space Cake


Space Cake - Meet great shooter for Android, which will be happy to brighten your free time. You will be pleasantly surprised by comfortable driving game, colorful graphics, a variety of characters and enemies. In fact, we find similarity between the Space Cake and Space Shooter Ultimate. You will be able to meet more like a game of this genre, having only positive reviews. There is a difference - the price of the game, in the case of the previous game, it was $ 0, and in the case of the Space Cake about $ 0.99, which is not much.

So, Space Cake has features and benefits:

- Excellent and operational management of the game, with the ability to control the joystick

- The game has such graphics, which is much better than Space Shooter Ultimate and if there you will meet the strict 2D, 2D then there is a modern and beautiful

- A great number of accompanying soundtracks from 65 FX

- An incredible number and variety of enemies - their 15 species, as well as asteroids and UFOs

- Great selection of weapons - their 20 types

- Music is much better

- 11 amazing worlds with one embodiment of unlimited battle

- An excellent opportunity to replace the interface for one that is comfortable to you

- Have the ability to integrate advances in Facebook

- The game is much richer, more active and more enjoyable for your appearance

- Present global achievement system.

In this game you'll find the game's plot and its meaning, nice interface and a menu that is quite comfortable, pleasant and beautiful.

You will enjoy excellent graphics, which has surpassed all expectations, great music, a number of weapons and armor.

Responding to a question about whether the game is 99 cents - the answer, of course, yes, because as the game deserves.




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