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Space Attack Shooter free - addictive game for Android with endless shooters. Did you miss the shooting, then you are here. You do not have enough bright fire on crowds of enemies, incredible deviation from the shots of heavy artillery and other weapons uneasy, then you are here. Immediately Download an incredible game in the style Scroll Shooter or Shoot'em Up on your mobile device and enjoy the drive and the risk of outbreaks.

It so happened that our humans have lost the battle and the whole war in 2500, the ruler of the galaxy Pascal terrible than lost his chance to be independent. Earthlings do not just give up, and are willing to come together in a group for a common goal and the victory, putting enormous resistance. Unfortunately the brother and sister Alex and Jenny have lost a lot in this merciless war, lost the most important. Land in their hands. By controlling the incredible space liner, our heroes must defeat enemies in hard struggle, because the enemy is unexpected.

An exciting game in the style Scroll Shooter, which will delight incredible amount of sophisticated weapons - machine gun "lightning" launcher "ruby rain" super gun "ice wave", a flamethrower, and many other surprises. Incredible battle, strategy, tactics are waiting for you.

City of Evil General, who is the head of the enemy forces, will greet you first, and it will attack as a powerful beam of energy. Chief of the Army General stripping Kron, may his ship to ram the player, and the player firing the laser. But most importantly, his weapon - it's a ball of energy.

Pascal is a close ally of Drago and his ship anything - a bit like a dragon, so his fire attack. The chief and his dangerous weapon fires of hell - this is when everything is covered with fire, giving you the ability to hide only in small areas.

The good and fair fight you!


Download Space Attack Shooter free apk Free 31.64 MB version 2.2.3

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