Arcade on Android

Light of Aiaran is a platform game for android, in which you will make an exciting journey through a fantastic world. You will explore new unexplored territories in search of valuable resources and fight monsters in order to save this fabulous world. To win battles with powerful enemies, you can use ancient magic

Space truck orbit lite - a game for the android platform that will take you to outer space, where you have to transport cargo between stations, piloting a spaceship. It looks like you will perform two functions: an astronaut and a trucker. Delivery of cargo to space stations is associated with certain dangers

Keep Craft is a platform game for android, created by ZQGame Inc. developers in the strategy genre, but not classic, but somewhat reminiscent of the Civilization game. The game is fully adapted to small touch screens and to the characteristics of mobile applications. A very suitable solution for placing the entire

Stickman College is a fun game for the android platform, in which the main character, and this ridiculous little man, wants to bypass the guard, constantly following everyone watching, defeating the teachers and breaking out of the hated college. Your task, using items that are in a cardboard box, help the hero to gain the long-awaited freedom

Agent Aliens - a game for the android platform, made by the developers of the studio Indigo Gaming PTE LTD in the platformer genre. This is only the second project of the developer. The essence of the game is that you have to help an alien who fell into captivity, escape, save himself and save from the captivity of his friends

Blasty Bubs - a platform game for android, created by developers of the studio QuickByte Games in the genre of casual arcade. It should be noted that the game projects of this developer is not very popular yet, but, perhaps, this game will win the favor of users. Your task - to clean the playing field from the squares with funny faces

Infinite zigzag - a game for the android platform, which will need your attention and adequate reflexes, because you have to ride as far as possible on an endless and winding track a small ball. So as not to fall into an endless abyss, you need to turn in time, for which you will need reflexes

Slime-ball-istic Mr. Missile - a game for the android platform, in which you again need to reflect the cosmic aggression. Space slugs just fall from the sky to the city and eat buildings. The main character of the game is a robot, which must destroy slugs with rockets, so that they are not demolished from the face of the Earth architectural monuments and skyscrapers

Pigeon mail run: Maze puzzle is an interesting platform game for android, in which live gameplay takes place on dozens of fascinating levels, suitable for both children and adults. In an intricate labyrinth, where the mail pigeon hit, he is in danger, and the pigeon should put the letter in the mailbox

Subway craft: Build and ride - a platform game for android, in which you can become a major subway owner. And first you will dig tunnels, lay rails, build stations, manage trains and carry out other important work

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