Download for free desktop On Android

Star trek: Adversaries is a platform game for android, in which you take part in fascinating space battles, for which you need to form a space fleet, complete with reliable crews. You can collect a collection of maps with images of spaceships and heroes of the famous television series

Apocalypse hunters - a game for the android platform, in which you have to protect your hometown from the invasion of mutants. You will travel the real world, fighting with mutant animals. If you catch them, you can then use it in battles. Mutants appeared as a result of an accident in a secret laboratory

Sailing warrior is a platform game for android that invites you to sail adventure under the sails of your pirate ship. Collect a desperate loyal team and become the most severe sea pirate. Each character has exceptional abilities that you can use

Castles of mad king Ludwig - game for android platform, in which you can become a great architect, build majestic castles of King Ludwig of Bavaria and build intricate maze of available blocks, calling his imagination and ability strategist. You can compete with strong opponents - computer opponents

Exploding kittens - game for android platform, in which you will gather a collection of cards with pictures of funny cats and other funny characters, and then participate in the card battle with other competitors, which can be from 2 to 5 participants, and it does not matter what country they live

Carrom deluxe - this game for android platform is very popular in Asian countries. The gist of it is that with a special disk-bits to score all the chips of a certain color in the pocket and do it faster than its rival. Technology shocks is by hitting the bat fingers

Richman 4 fun - a great board game for Android, from Asian developers SOFTSTAR ENTERTAINMENT INC. The game is similar to Monopoly, you need to become a millionaire and buy up all the possible objects, for this you need to use multiple cards and dice to know the number of moves

Xmas Pinball - a great game in the style of the New Year holidays on Android. Nice Christmas pinball, with quality design, filled with Christmas mood. Awesome Christmas style: with ramps, counters, bumpers, and of course with the main character - with Santa Claus.