Arcade on Android

Jet knight is a game for android platform, in which you along with a brave knight will conquer high towers, which consist of many floors, each of which has an opening for passage to the top. You can control the knight's climbing higher and higher with the help of a jet pack, but do not forget to overcome obstacles

Mental taxi simulator: Taxi game is an android platform game in which you can become the fastest taxi driver in the city, driving fast through the streets of the megalopolis, picking up passengers and delivering them to their destination. You can accelerate to insane speed, perform dizzying jumps, take turns in the drift

Wacky stars: Multiplayer spiral jump arcade - a dynamic platform game for android, in which you will succeed, thanks to the speed of your fingers and good reflexes. You need to manage a funny character who jumped from the top of the tower. Your task is to help him overcome the greatest distance to get to the lower floor of the tower

Qube town - a fun game for the android platform invites you to build a beautiful cozy city, to become its mayor in order to tackle its development. The city should be comfortable, so be engaged in the construction of residential neighborhoods, recreation areas, factories and other useful facilities. For example, build a zoo and populate it with various animals.

Garfield: My big fat diet is a fun android platform game in which the famous cat Garfield is on a diet that John prescribed for him, so Garfield is hungry and steals food from visitors to various restaurants. Your task is to help Garfield become the fattest cat. John, his assistants and the mean cat Nermal are constantly watching Garfield

Do not disturb 2! Grumpy's mailbox. Challenge your prank skills! - a game for the android platform, in which you can have fun playing the grumbling groundhog, who is sitting at home and quietly waiting for the parcel. You can make fun of the woodchuck with the help of a mailbox, simply by clicking on it, so that the woodchuck can check out your mail

7 rocks - an exciting platform game for android, in which you and the main character will conquer the mountain peaks, helping the fearless climber to climb the highest mountain. Touching the screen allows you to control the character's jumps, causing him to jump from wall to wall, cling to the ledges

Fashion cup: Dress up and duel is an android platform game that takes you into the world of high fashion, where you can turn your model into an icon of style. To do this, try on and buy fashionable clothes and accessories on the avenue of fashion stores. You can wear a model in clothes from 20 boutiques, choose her hair and makeup, create a new fashionable look.

Super idle cats: Tap farm is a platform game for android that offers you to become a successful cat farmer, helping the seals to grow fruits and vegetables, because these seals love them very much. In order to harvest vegetables and fruits, you just need to press as often as possible on the screen. The more fruits you collect, the reward will be felt

Stick prisoner rescue - A platform game for android, in which you will help the main character save the captives. To do this, you need to select the right moment for the shot. In the location are enemies that you need to destroy, and obstacles that need to be destroyed. Just by swiping your finger across the screen, you can point the weapon at the target and hit the enemy

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