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10 best tablets based on Android - Meet the 10 best overview. Perhaps you are looking for a tablet for yourself, but you did not iPad like, and only way to access devices on Android. Do not forget about Windows 8 on tablets, such as, Surface 2, Ativ Tab and VivoTab Smart, but there is only one real competitor with the operating system iOS7 - this Android Jelly Bean.

Yes, of course there are tablets on Android, which will please a great 10-inch screen, while the other is limited to the size of 7 inches, yes, but you have intermediate solutions. All offers that you can find in the market are very different from each other according to the following parameters: processing power, memory and the number of operating time work after charging. Many in anticipation of Tesco Hudl, LG G Pad 8.3 and Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1, which should appear in 2014, foreign edition TechRadar was unable to provide an overview of dozens of the most of the most popular tablets that actually buy today.

10. Archos 80 Titanium. Wonderful mobile, with a great design, excellent build quality. Objectively, this device is good at most of the major tasks that we usually put before our tablet. Plus a large and wide - is its budget price, and the price is so low cost that you desire to purchase not only for themselves but also for a good friend. Where there are pros and cons there. Weak battery, a modest camera from time to time there are "inhibition."

To summarize: If your goal is to acquire a budget "tablet" with 8-inch screen, but to save you willing to put up with minuses and camera batteries, mobile is for you. Exterior design of the device only deserves applause.

9. Nook HD +. A good representative of its category. If you want to buy cheap tablet with a large screen, then on the Nook HD + is worth your attention. Its diagonal - 9 inch, 16 GB of memory, and its price is identical to the price competitor Amazon Kindle Fire HD 8.9, but offering a little more than high-quality screen, expandable internal memory, and most importantly, access to the store Google Play. Performance of these two devices is about the same. Minus - its design. There is work to do.

To summarize: Nook HD + has a great screen size, despite the rest of the minuses, he worthily takes its place in our Hall of Fame.

8. Amazon Kindle Fire HD. Wonderful modern tablet with quad-core processor. Tablet costing 129 pounds (in the version without advertising), can offer 16 or 32 GB of memory, bringing the simplicity of e-books in the world of tablets. Not only a pleasant pastime for favorite books, but also the opportunity to watch films, play games, use apps and listen to music. In spite of this, some users it may seem primitive, while others appreciate its simple and intuitive interface. Regardless of its value, the quality of the device can only be happy.

To summarize: great price category, made Amazon Kindle Fire HD appealing to those who are in search of the "pill" for fear of the extra "bells and whistles", and most importantly, a great opportunity for those who love to read.

7. Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1. Wonderful device that fits appeal to those who like good quality movies. Here 10.1-inch screen, with the extension - 1280 × 800 pixels. Speakers conveniently located on the front surface, and many on the back, which makes viewing movies much more enjoyable. Despite the fact that the Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 represented only 16 GB version, a slot for microSD-cards, could solve the problem of lack of memory.

To summarize: Great strong middling - tablet on Android Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1. Yes, it does not offer that - that the supernatural, but looks decent in its category with a 10-inch screen. A big plus gives him just recently reduced price.

6. Asus FonePad. Great looks, despite the fact that there are similarities with the old Nexus 7, but it should be noted about that still has not been no-trump. In - first - great price, in - second - card slot microSD, - third - support 3G. You can not only use the Internet, as well as make calls, send and receive SMS. There are minor drawbacks. Jelly Bean interface it does not work quickly, because the dual-core processor, not a quad. Of course, the function of the phone - it's good, but it is impractical because of the size device. Issue can be resolved by connecting Bluetooth-Headset - Smartphone and is no longer needed.

To summarize: Great choice for this price category. No desire to overpay, then this is what you need. With such a big plus there are advantages in a wide variety of applications and functions.

5. Asus Transformer Pad Infinity. All good, except inflated prices for the device. So, he could easily qualify for rating place tops the list. Saturated with all necessary than can please even the tablet and dock with the keyboard.

To summarize: In this mobile device has everything you need, you need a modern high-end tablet. Chief and a big plus - improved screen. Many of us on their plates treated sites, traveling through the world of the Internet, watching video, so impressive resolution impossible not to admire. Similarly, we can say is that possessing a great desire to purchase a tablet in spite of its cost, boldly make Transformer Pad Infinity to your list.

4. Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0. Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 pleased with his access to the light when the iPad mini is already quite thoroughly took their positions, and, alas, could not reach the heights conquered competitor from Apple. Not even a "smart" stylus S Pen. One can not conclude that the Galaxy Note 8.0 is bad, because it is very elegant lightweight tablet with a screen much better than the iPad mini. Great quality, its memory can be expanded, and it has a stylus.

To summarize: Pro Galaxy Note 8.0, you can not say enough for short - is a great device. Its price corresponds to the plates, which have proved to be quite better and more interesting appearance. You can safely do it bet if at work you often take notes and you see your future as a tablet notebook.

3. Google Nexus 10. Lovely and its main advantage, of course, a 10.1-inch display, where every inch there are 300 pixels. Today it is the largest expansion for the tablet. Performance is also excellent: can handle panoramic photo. All your needs, this tablet also cope perfectly well.

You can not call it beautiful. Perhaps someone upset lack memory card slot, but despite this, its screen covers this minor drawback. It is also important that the tablet is already working with the latest version of the operating system - Android 4.3.

To summarize: Google Nexus 10 - one of the rating plate on Android, which is now available in the market. Yes, maybe the price is not as attractive as the new Nexus 7, but acquiring hardly be disappointed. It is certain that such a tablet - a real competitor of iPad 4.

2. Sony Xperia Tablet Z. Almost perfect, gorgeous, powerful and even cult. With these words we can characterize the description impressive tablet Sony. More recently, he was the undisputed champion of our top 10 rankings. The Japanese company, which introduced Sony Xperia Z hybrid and Tablet Z became devaysom, which forces us to talk to a lot of money.

The question, what impresses us, so we can respond to Sony Xperia Tablet Z impregnated ease and apparent affiliation to a high class. Sony was able to surprise the fact that such a fire, the light tablet, which may be appropriate in business class airplane, and the other any society.

Importantly, it is water resistant. Yeah, maybe this function is not used often, but sometimes it can help.

To summarize: Great mobile, megatonkoe, with a stunning screen and an incredible amount of extra features. Xperia Tablet Z - perfect leader in its class, which were released in 2013. Awesome device optimally works fast and mega little weight. One word - recommend.

1. Google Nexus 7 (2013). Meet the stunning and gorgeous, and most importantly our ranking first tablet on Android, which managed to move the Sony Xperia Tablet Z from the first place. Already the new Nexus 7 made unattainable step forward in comparison with its previous version, but pricing is still attractive. An ideal device for watching videos and other media files to work with, the screen - is a word that should be written with a capital letter, because the incredible feeling you can experience. He is awesome, light, bright, thin One word perfection And, most importantly, makes him happy duration operation.

To summarize: The device, which deservedly occupies the first place in our ranking. Google managed to fix all the flaws of the previous is brother holding his little cost. If your goal - to get a tablet with a 7-inch screen, it is just your choice should be made ​​in favor Google Nexus. Such ratio price - quality you can not find.

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