Off-Road Buggy Rally Racing


Off-Road Buggy Rally Racing - game for android platform from the developer of Desert Safari Studios, which has in the arsenal of a lot of projects. The game is a race for the strong in spirit to combat areas without traffic rules.

Before you there is not an easy task to reach the finish line first on the condition that you will start at the same time with other members of arrival and the route is quite narrow, so both you and the opponents will push each other off the track. The track is laid over the hills and mountains, on the way you will have holes and other obstacles, as well as the developers have paid due attention to physics, it is to overcome the obstacles will be quite difficult.

A bit pumped up graphics and collision with other cars, as there are no damages.

An excellent soundtrack that accompanies the race, and this buggy roar of the engine is added game activity and enthusiasm, Buggy, which is a few pieces of your choice, clumsy, but performed at a high technical level.

The main properties of the game Off-Road Buggy Rally Racing:

- Race on the track in quires of three kinds of terrain

- Realistic physics

- The right sound and music

- Several powerful buggy

- Understandable in comfortable control

- Free download

Negative characteristics of the game Off-Road Buggy Rally Racing:

- Schedule at an average level

- Collisions could be better

- The presence of Donati

Summary: This is certainly not a classic of the genre and not the best of his representative, but still the game is fine, if you want to try their hand at racing on the road.


Download Off-Road Buggy Rally Racing apk Free 57.7 MB version 1.0.1

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