Driving Zone: Russia


Driving Zone: Russia - Russian race - game for android platform from the developer AveCreation, declared as a simulator. Consider whether this is so.

Gameplay three lives are provided, ie, you can get into the three accidents. Over the life you need to drive as far as possible, to receive the award and to save up for a new car.

What characterizes the cool racing simulator? First, the complexity and diversity of Trace, and secondly, a large selection of high-speed cars, thirdly, precise control with a sound physics. What we have in this game project? Truss four infinitely long and very similar to each other, one is a winter road, the other takes place in the desert, and the third - in the city, and the fourth - on ordinary plain. Machine is small, all the Soviet era or Russian origin. Office supports two modes of the car - arcade and simulation. You have full control of the car traffic - taxi in either direction, you accelerate, brake. You can go as you want, no police here. You can adjust the level of traffic and time of day, you can disable some safety systems such as ABS, TCS and ESP (in the Soviet-cars "!), You can select the drive and the car color.

A positive in the game is that the cars, although they are very few, worked perfectly, there is a view from the cockpit. In the car, the speedometer does not work, but at the sight of the cabin it is. If you're into something bump, something very disappointed, because the damage performed very primitive.

Summary: the total Unfortunately we must admit that the game project leaves much to be desired, since it is not a race, and not a simulator, but rather just a little exciting runner, but free and without Donati.


Download Driving Zone: Russia apk Free 47.39 MB version 1.08

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