Bike Race Free


Bike Race Free - game for android platform from developer Top Free Games, which boasts a long two projects. Today, the game, after a long time it was not popular, has nearly 100 million downloads, it was furore developer.

Intuitive gameplay and familiar to many calls as quickly as possible and without falling overcome the level on the bike. Each level is characterized by its level of difficulty, depending on which it is filled with various obstacles, such as rings, ramps, hills or other characteristic of the Moto trial. During the passage of the level you are provided for the stars, the maximum amount - three. The number of stars you received depends on the rate of passage level. In the early levels of the game are quite simple, but as you progress they become more complex and contain a lot of obstacles.

After passing through the eight levels opens the multiplayer, which will compete with the other players, but without interaction, so do not have to ram opponents.

The game supports one kind of convenient and intuitive control. Donath, who is in the game, can be a bit easier gameplay.

The main properties of the game Bike Race Free:

- Gameplay 150 levels

- Great physics

- A lot of different worlds - almost 20

- Clear and easy control

- 16 different models of motorcycles

- The ability to perform tricks

- Support for even weaker devices

- The presence of multiplayer

Negative characteristics of the game Bike Race Free:

- The presence of Donati

- Primitive graphics

Summary: If you are a fan of motocross, this great arcade game will suit you perfectly.


Download Bike Race Free apk Free 42.93 MB version 6.3

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