Splash Cars


Splash Cars - a game for android platform, created as an arcade game in which you have to paint the gray and ordinary town, with instead of a brush, you'll use the car and paints will be the exhaust gases and dust, which raises the car. In order to paint the world around us, you just need to ride a car.

At first glance it may seem that this occupation is not very exciting, but it's the wrong impression, interesting gameplay filled with positive, and the developer can just envy fantasy.

In the upper right corner is an indicator that shows the percentage of dyed territory, as well as injuries that occur when confronted with some items, trash cans, for example, or by post. So, every time you get into a certain area of ​​the suburb, where there is a lawn in front of private houses, trees, stand poles and garbage bins, and different trucks travel on roads. Your task is to "paint" a little more territory, and this is reflected in the indicator. But there is a big obstacle - it was the police, which does not allow you to do their work. If the police will take you to begin the pursuit, as a result of which you will knock off course again, and get a lot of damage - that's two.

A large amount of damage will take some inconveniences - the car will go bad and, in general, you will lose. There is another difficulty - a limited amount of fuel. If you do not collect cans scattered on the level, the fuel will end quickly. In addition to the cans, you need to pick up the coins, for which you can buy a new car.

Basic properties Splash Cars game:

- Outstanding idea

- Interesting gameplay

- Various areas of suburb

- Beautiful design in an attractive chart

- A large selection of cars

- Wide bonus system

Negative properties Splash Cars game:

- Donat

- advertising

Summary: a great game for a great pastime, and disadvantages, which include Donat and advertising, it does not interfere.


Download Splash Cars apk Free 34.17 MB version 1.0

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