GTA: Liberty City Stories

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Grand theft auto: Liberty City Storie s - another game for the Android platform in a series of well-known and popular among gamers games.

10 years ago, the game GTA: Liberty City Storie s released for consoles PS 2, and now it appeared to androids, which undoubtedly will please fans. Games Vice City, San Andreas, GTA III and Chinatown Wars is already on the android, but in a new format of the game GTA: Liberty City Stories Rockstar developer moved just now. In any case, better later than ever.

So, the story has not changed, several declined the mission that simplify their implementation. Characters and texture converted by the mobile device platform.

The main properties of the game GTA: Liberty City Storie s:

- Shadows and lights at an acceptable level

- Adapted to the sensor control

- Joystick support

Negative characteristics of the game GTA: Liberty City Storie s:

- Paid game - the cost is $ 4 (discounts)

Summary: GTA series of games have become a particular cult, so fans are unlikely to pay attention to possible shortcomings, they are just happy release of a new game for mobile devices.


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