Creature Racer


Creature Racer - a game for android platform is fairly well-known developer CrazyLabs, familiar from the two parts of the popular game "The fraudster Tom." The game is made in a mixed genre of the runner and the race. On the one hand there are the start and finish on the other - have to jump over many obstacles and collect coins scattered on the road. For the collected coins you can buy characters.

Several looks strange idea of ​​the game, because the two animals take part in the competitions, which take off from a slingshot, thereby obtaining the acceleration. Slingshot is a structure of the two pillars, gum and large tires. Your pet, overcoming obstacles and collecting coins, to come to the finish line first. There is an opportunity to modernize the respiratory, circulatory, muscular system of your four-legged athlete, because he gets accelerated as a result of the digestive system. The game can be called a little strange because it is made in an original schedule for the amateur.

Summary: it all depends on your preference, if you're looking for pure or pure race runner, you have a lot of options, and if you want to get a strange symbiosis, download this game.


Download Creature Racer apk Free 44.6 MB version 1.1.4

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