Rocket Racer


Rocket Racer - a game for the Android platform in which you take part in the races. What do you think on what? No, not on the cars, not boats and motorcycles, and missiles that can hardly be called vehicles.

In the game there are no "snag", but on the contrary, everything is fairly simple. Races are held at 27 tracks, which are equally distributed in three main locations, which represent the city, winter and beach. Trails can be unlocked one by one, and they are similar to each other. The track is a line on which a lot of opponents who need to overtake, and the obstacles to be avoided. You can shoot at your opponents, picking up weapons for this purpose, to speed you can use the bonuses, and shopping in a game store - accumulated coins. The accident, in which you can get considerably slow down your movement and may prevent a leader of the race, but will not deprive of life and re-start the race do not have to.

Key features of the game Rocket Racer:

- Three locations, each containing nine tracks

- Beautifully decorated in HD graphics

- A large arsenal of weapons

- The possibility of the accumulation of coins to make purchases in-game store

- Wide bonus system

- The best results recorded in the table leaders

- The ability to record video

- The ability to connect the joystick

- It supports both phones and tablets

Negative characteristics of the game Rocket Racer:

- Donat

- A small number of levels

- Advertising at the bottom of the screen

Summary: A simple and positive game that does not pretend to the top, but it can keep you busy for a few nights, so if you want to drive on the rocket - be sure to install!


Download Rocket Racer apk Free 56.15 MB version 1.0.2

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