Japan Drag Racing


Japan Drag Racing - game for android platform from the Russian developer, which invites you to take part in exciting races on the Japanese cars exclusively on difficult routes in Japan, where the right-hand traffic.

The game can be called a rather complicated because, firstly, the races are held on tracks with a few turns and some obstacles. Secondly, it is very hard to beat an opponent who knows the track very well, being virtual. Third, very close to reality, so complex, management reduces the possibility of defeat. Here it is necessary not only to steer, but also time to shift gears, which makes control to some extent unique. Carrying everything is fine, you can win. And finally, if you lose, you do not get rewarded and not be able to improve their skills until they have accumulated at least for some improvement.

Key features of the game Japan Drag Racing?

- Enchanting atmosphere of a night city and night races

- Several members of the classic Japanese car industry

- Of course, there are tuning

- Lack of Donati

- For the game do not pay

The game has a lot of advantages, but it is not ideal and contains a number of shortcomings. Negative characteristics of the game Japan Drag Racing.

- Imperfect schedule

- Some monotonous gameplay

- The presence of advertising

Summary: The game is worthy of attention, despite the negative aspects, but still it has potential.


Download Japan Drag Racing apk Free 48.81 MB version 1.0.0

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