Racing Club


Racing Club - a game for the Android platform from the developer Zuuks Games from Turkey, which invites you to take part in Hong on public roads, which are not only drivers, but also ordinary drivers, so accidents are inevitable.

By the way, about the accident. The car simply rests on the back of another car, and slows down the course, which is why there is a loss of time, which is very important in the race.

The game resembles a runner, especially rides on a straight road with no turns, forks and other road problems. There's just you, your opponent and the movement on the road. Although the division of gameplay levels and the presence of rivals make some variety and do not allow categorically call the game runner.

The game covers a lot of participants and many scattered locations around the world.

The basic properties of game play Racing Club:

- Beautiful graphics

- Easy operation

- Pass routes are to locations in different countries

- A large number of cars to choose from

Negative characteristics of the game Racing Club:

- The presence of Donati

- The lack of diversity

- Tuning itself is not

Summary: make their own decisions, whether you like it rather monotonous race, like a runner.


Download Racing Club apk Free 42.71 MB version 1.07

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