3d Race: Urban Chaos


3d Race: Urban Chaos - platform game for Android from the developer NextGenerationgGames, which invites you to take part in the races, which the developer is not the first. It should be noted that this game is quite Ordinaries product and contains important shortcomings, although it looks fine.

It is almost impossible to gather up money for a new car or to open a new route, because the easiest car costs 5 thousand. Dollars, and the opening of a new route - 1 thousand. Dollars. We'll have to really work hard on one track to open a new, even more so, to buy a car, and not the fact that succeed because the game is very complicated.

Selecting a game mode "for a while", you quickly realize that it is practically impossible to travel for some time, and the premium on which you can rely, is only 10-20 dollars.

It would not be wrong to say that the game is pleasantly decorated, but not cool - with the usual graphics and physics.

Main characteristics and advantages of games 3d Race: Urban Chaos?:

- Support for the three game modes - on time, drift, with bots

- Six models of famous cars

- Good physics, detailed study

- Beautiful graphics

- Pleasant soundtrack

- Two control options

- The ability to accumulate a large number of routes

Negative properties games 3d Race: Urban Chaos?:

- High level of difficulty

- The presence of Donati

- Annoying advertising

Summary: The negative characteristics of the game nullify all its advantages, because there is no sense in excellent graphics, if you have to spend hours behind the wheel of the same car on the same dull track.


Download 3d Race: Urban Chaos apk Free 37.32 MB version 1.0.5

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