Car Racing 3D: High on Fuel


Car Racing 3D: High on Fuel - a game for the Android platform in the genre of car racing from the developer Ironjaw Studios Private Limited, which gave her a wide range of opportunities, especially in the field of car tuning, and models of cars are made ​​on a high level in terms of graphics and physics although quite difficult to achieve good results, creating a gaming product for the Android platform. The race is viewed from three perspectives - from the hood, rear and so to say "eyes."

Gameplay is another arcade racing, where you start the race on a very simple car, and later, to save money for the victory, will be able to buy a car more powerful. Due to the lack of a mini-map and mirror difficult to determine where the rivals. By the time the race is quite short. The game is framed in a good schedule, so the car models will delight riders.

It is possible to pump the car if you have enough accumulated funds and make tuning which cost reasonable. Nitrous oxide is the right moment to give powerful acceleration.

Key features of the game Car Racing 3D: High on Fuel:

- Supporting two game modes

- Availability of online multiplayer

- Campaign mode for more than sixty levels

- Beautiful design in perfect schedule

- A choice of more than a dozen models of cars close to real

- The possibility of tuning

- Lack of Donato

- For the game do not pay

Negative characteristics of the game Car Racing 3D: High on Fuel:

- Very inconvenient administration - you can only steer gyroscope

- The lack of a mini-map and mirrors

Summary: a good game with one significant drawback - control. If the developer will eliminate this disadvantage, the game will be just fine.


Download Car Racing 3D: High on Fuel apk Free 47.59 MB version 1.2

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