Cyberline Racing


Cyberline Racing - the game, the developer of the CM TA2 in the style of a fierce race through the story of the same movie.

According to the scene of action in the game take place in the distant 2086, when the corporation received unlimited power led to the collapse of the global economy, and the population was divided into those who have somehow managed to survive in difficult circumstances, and those who zhiruet enjoying life and impunity. To achieve recognition and respect can win this deadly race on powerful cars, build a strong peace to dispel boredom. By car or a machine gun pistol shooting that you can remove an opponent from the road, but we should not forget that the opponent also armed and ready at any time to pull the trigger, especially because it's not just drivers, but real thugs, psychos, killers that they do on the road a complete mess - ram shoot.

Key features of the game Cyberline Racing:

- Exciting tracks

- Various attractive locations

- Sixteen cars to choose from

- Sixteen thugs rivals

- A large number of traps and obstacles

- A wide range of deadly weapons

- The opportunity to play in the online mode

- The opportunity to participate in PvP competitions

- The ability to pump the car, making it more devastating

- Download free

Negative characteristics of the game Cyberline Racing:

- Very much Donat

- Internet access is required

Summary: certainly a very exciting game with virtually no drawbacks except Donati, who just like a fly in the ointment.


Download Cyberline Racing apk Free 25.71 MB version 0.9.5487

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