Nitro Nation Stories


Nitro Nation Stories - game for android platform from the developers of Creative Mobile, which will please the owners of mobile devices other than exciting race in which you want to play again and again.

Game Nitro Nation Stories, which can be called a continuation of previously released games Nitro Nation, made ​​in the genre of traditional drag racing, has significantly expanded gameplay and a more progressive, despite the fact that the game does not constitute or full simulation or racing circuit. This symbiosis of drag racing and runner.

The game is based on a concise and rather simple plot. From the beginning, you are given a cool car, which you have to demonstrate their abilities. You need to meet with the management and defeat your opponent, then you will be in command of street racers and invited to take part in the first match.

The main characteristics and advantages of the game Nitro Nation Stories:

· Original gameplay

· Opportunities upgrading and customizing a car

• Large fleet

· Excellent graphics, especially qualitatively made model car brand

· Very nice gameplay

Negative characteristics of the game Nitro Nation Stories:

· Low-power high-speed machine and not financial difficulties due to lack of sredst at first

· Do not complete the race, are available from a number of rebuilding in a row and shifting.

· Intrusive and hated Donat, applies to both finance and energy

Summary: if you have patience, you can play without Donati and for fun, but if patience is not - you can resort to inject hard-earned, such a policy is quite acceptable for a free game, which Nitro Nation Stories in fact is. As for the design and implementation, here claims to the developers absolutely no, only praise!

To play you need to download cache, address: sd / android / obb


Download Nitro Nation Stories apk Free 20.58 MB version 0.0.21

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