Tail Drift


Tail Drift - Racing on planes for Android is unusual? Probably. Also thought the developers of the Right Pedal Studios Publishing, when they decided to implement this idea of ​​the game. After all, for racing on asphalt tracks on steep sports cars have long been accustomed to, but the aircraft was not yet. It is difficult, almost impossible, to find a perfect game, and Tail Drift is no exception.

Heaven in our understanding - is boundless space and the relative freedom of movement. Due to the fact that the game was created in the genre of racing, the open world should not be, but still in the sky should be more freedom than in the motor road. But there it was. You have to fly along the pipe, from which you can not tear myself away. The pipe will bend and sometimes go into the cave. Around the pipe scattered coins and gain that must be collected. The only positive thing - is that the pipe can fly around on all sides.

To eliminate competitors can use missiles, but be careful, as practice shows, suffer from them more often will you. Virtually no system damage. If your plane gets a rocket, it slows down, if your plane crashes at full speed into the rock, toss it, and then you can accelerate again.

The aircraft can not fly without energy, and this is just an excuse for Donato. However, the game offered three alternatives for decision making about the recovery of energy: use Donati wait or browse the infomercial.

In addition to these shortcomings the game has a lot of advantages. This is a great graphics, great animation and dynamics, which will not allow you to relax, but also a fascinating route. All this creates a very positive impression of the game.

The main properties of the game Tail Drift:

· Game has three modes and two large campaign to 18 stages

· Game has four aircraft that can be upgraded, and seven attractive routes

· Provided for the modernization of the four directions

· Gain a unique three types can be collected on the track

· Many different achievements

· Reflect the results of the leaderboard

· Free download

Negative properties games Tail Drift:

· Rigid adherence to the tube along which need to fly

· Donat, for which you can regain energy

Summary: A great gaming product, especially for fans of airplanes and dynamic lines, a good alternative to skiing on hard floors.

To play you need to download cache, address: sd / android / obb


Download Tail Drift apk Free 12.69 MB version 1.01.156

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