Trial Xtreme 4


Trial Xtreme 4 - a popular series of games for Android Trial Xtreme has been a pioneer in the genre of extreme racing on motocross bikes, they are guided by the developers of other games of this genre, such as Trials Frontier, Trial Bike Extreme 3D, Motocross Trial. What's new and interesting offer us the developers of the game in the fourth Trial Xtreme?

Have you noticed when filmmakers shoot continued successful film, or when developers create a new version of the popular game, often nothing good comes out. In this case, hard to say something unequivocal, because all that was good, feel better, and that was bad, it was worse.

What do you mean? Design elements such as graphics, physics, sound and music, sound effects, or remained at the "the hit" level as the previous version of the game, or become better. The problem arose with payment and continues to take place. The first two parts were divided into free and paid version, the third part has been only free, but Donat. Donat - is the most appropriate and common way to earn money, so in the fourth part of the amount Donati almost doubled, and this is predatory pricing which may harm the game's popularity. A popular, it should be noted considerable - in history, and that four issues, the game Trial Xtreme has over 70 million downloads. With this pricing outflow fans inevitable, but surely, the income from Donato cover losses associated with a reduction in market share.

The main characteristics and advantages of the game Trial Xtreme 4:

· Excellent graphics, which are among the best android game projects under

· Distinctive, unique and powerful engine

· Stunning physics, animation and management

· You can make a career

· You can compete with other motorcycle racer online

· Fascinating route, are fraught with danger and steep turns

· Possibility to fabricate Cool tricks

· You can download and play for free ...

Negative characteristics of the game Trial Xtreme 4:

· ... There is ugly, so awesome, Donat

Resume. Technically the game is executed flawlessly. Today, players are more interested in the game online so that it can compete with real players. Dear Donat clearly separates the players on those who pay and those who can not or do not want to pay. Of course, the latter is unlikely to win over those who took advantage of Donat. And this situation is no longer valid, and does not reflect the real situation, resulting in many players just leave the game.

For the game needed CACHE address: sd / android / obb


Download Trial Xtreme 4 apk Free 21.71 MB version 1.0

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