Hill Climb Racer Dirt Masters


Hill Climb Racer Dirt Masters - a good race on Android. In the market of computer entertainment presented a lot of games in the genre «Hill», created for fans to conquer the roads. In the game, Hill Climb Racer Dirt Masters you have to overcome the bad roads with hills with a limited amount of gasoline, which in this case should be sufficient for the entire route, and if it is not enough, I mean ... who would doubt! Donat. High hills cause particular difficulties in passing, and they appear already in the first ten levels. It is clear that race in the game are not provided.

Talking about the design, it should be noted the excellent 3D graphics, not revolutionary, but very decent. Developers have tried to create an interesting and quite varied around the world.

What are the problems you may encounter. First - a petrol, apparently because of crisis. Second - financial. As is usually the case, start the car does not have good properties: looks unsightly, not fast, not very powerful, but it is possible to improve the performance, bleed it, because then you will be able to save money for a car mod.

In addition to the paid component, which is the ability to purchase in-game currency, the game contains a constant advertising works, to say the least, annoying, and I must say, advertising sizeable.

The main characteristics and advantages of the game Hill Climb Racer Dirt Masters:

• great graphics and good physics

• a large number of levels - more than 800

• 16 modes of play - not bored

• cars could be more, but 13 - too bad

• 16 modes of play not to miss

• Five different types of terrain

• free downloadable game

Negative characteristics of the game Hill Climb Racer Dirt Masters:

• Donat

• bulk advertising, besides its many

Summary: we can not say that the game is perfect, quite acceptable and deserves attention, if you are playing a game of this genre.

For the game needed CACHE address: sd / android / obb


Download Hill Climb Racer Dirt Masters apk Free 8.29 MB version 1.02

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