Highway Racer vs Police Cars


Highway Racer vs Police Cars - Race for Android. Maneuvers on the road behind the vehicle driving is always associated with certain risks and risk known adds adrenaline. Want to experience the kind of excitement without the real danger? Play the game "Road racing driver." Selecting the fastest car, change it to your liking - the color, wheels, performance maneuverability, acceleration and brakes - and forward on the road in search of thrills!

Choose new cars and you can modify them through the points and credits that can get if you do not get into an accident in a complex traffic situation.

Main game features:

• have the opportunity to choose the line

• There are three modes to choose from, "one-way traffic", "two-way traffic" and "the wrong way".

• differentiating features of the game that set it apart from other racing games - is the presence of steep ramps, bridges, right and left bends in the road

• service Google Play allows you to not only see the other participants, but also to compete with them

• there is a choice of the car in any color from ten different

• it is possible to further modify the car

• have the ability to choose an automatic acceleration and steering.

You need to get as many points. If you are very close to passing cars often drive at high speed, a lot of driving in the opposite direction, get more points. But do not create emergency situations - use brake.


Download Highway Racer vs Police Cars apk Free 23.2 MB version 1.15

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