Bump Race


Bump Race - a good race on Android. Successes are other good incentive for us to achieve something. And in games, if you can monitor the achievement of the other participants in online or other means, the statistics, for example, you want to play again and again till you get the desired result. Game Bump Race from FrontMob - this casual game is different enough simplicity, but the gameplay is just the incentive to achieve certain results.

Making primitive, ie straight road with a steep slope, pictures of environment like copied from children's drawings, and the actors ... Remember Counting "dot, dot, comma - that smiley curve. Stick, stick, ogurechek - Get the man. " So it's cool. In-game characters are square with rounded corners, and they are plotted schematically faces. However, there may be a photo of your profile in Facebook, so take care that there was a nice picture!

What is the essence of the game? On the way, rolling dice. Your task - to be first, ahead of all. Along the way you collect bonuses (missiles, acceleration, etc.), which can be used to obtain an advantage to a certain point to get ahead. You win or provide the greatest number of intersections conditional points that are set on the way or if you cross these points do not last.

The game used physics, which takes into account the resistance of the air, and your competitors are visible, allowing you to stop them. The game supports two modes - single, when your competitor performs computer and multiplayer, where you compete with other players.

Key features and advantages of the game Bump Race:

· Undemanding gameplay that does not require much thought

· Management is simple

· Top casual art

· Races are held in three modes

· Play both independently and compete with other players

· The ability to customize the track in fast races

· For the game did not have to pay

Negative qualities of the game Bump Race:

· Ease of management can be attributed both to the advantage of the game and to the downside - it's very easy

· There is not very powerful Donath

Summary: interestingly organized gameplay will not leave you indifferent, if you close the spirit of competition, but you do not really pay attention to the external appearance.


Download Bump Race apk Free 31.27 MB version 1.36

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