Race the Traffic Nitro

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Race the Traffic Nitro - good game for Android. The game is very similar to the previous version, the difference is probably more in the title, which added the word Nitro, than in the properties of the game. Both versions of the game lead us in a rather unusual way, where all the cars are moving in the same direction, despite the presence of the median. Not brought anything new developers of any schedule or in physics, not in gameplay.

... But something is still changed. It's something - fleet, access to which is limited by your earned bonuses. On cool car must earn what will have to sweat while playing. Increase the number of points you can press the "nitro," designed to accelerate. That's all the newness!

Gameplay. Your goal - to run for some time check, save at least one life. If you get into an accident, lose a life, to the end of one life-in to have. The greater the speed at which you move, the more points you can score. When moving forward accumulates "nitro" - this is a big boost of energy and speed, which can be used by pressing the appropriate button.

Features and advantages of the game Race the Traffic Nitro:

· Very few differences compared to the previous version

· The game provides three modes

· You can choose from more than ten cars

· Good graphics

· Uncomplicated game

· Do not have to pay

Negative qualities of the game Race the Traffic Nitro:

· Many time-killers are characterized by uncertainty, which is a property of both the previous and this version of the game

· Fleet should provide a greater choice of cars

· Coin-elements

Summary: when you consider that the previous version of the game has sold more than 5 million, there is an assumption that the popularity of this version will not be less because the whole game is not bad.


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