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Asphalt Overdrive - good game on Android. Rather, it is a symbiosis of two genres - the runner and race because the game attributed to any one genre can not. Let's look at what the developers Gameloft happened.

Clearance. The action of the game takes place in the eighties of the last century, so the picture looks respectively - sprawling palm Miami framed smooth roads that race fast cars. However, many of the car lineup is very modern and could not exist at the time. Pictures delight the eye and look very attractive. On posters predominance of pink and blue flowers. Games from Gameloft has an excellent graphics and excellent animation, this game is no exception - the developers have worked in this plan a success.

Frankly, the gameplay can not be called very successful. According to the storyline protagonist stuntman. It is not burdened with work, and the thrill is not enough, so he decided to make a race, that is worn around the city. Since the game refers to a runner including move only in a straight line, but with the possibility to rebuild the strip into the strip. What is your function in the game? In the race, you are not directly involved, but you can perform tricks to break barriers, gets in the way, get away from the police. Developers give you the opportunity to tune the car, and buy a new one if you have enough funds for this. The game has a big drawback - it Donat. During the game, spend a lot of energy and requires a lot of time on her recovery by Donata this process can be greatly accelerated, and the cost of vehicles rather big.

Key features and advantages of the game Asphalt Overdrive:

· Great graphics and attractive design

· Lineup includes nearly 30 vehicles

· 7 different structures

· Effects are impressive

· Drive the corresponding rapid musical accompaniment

· Provides an opportunity to invite friends to the game and play all together

· Game supports Facebook, where record is kept of the results

· You can participate in races intact teams

· For downloading does not have to pay

Negative properties game Asphalt Overdrive:

· Donath Donath and again, especially for energy

· Not the most addictive gameplay

· A lot of time spent on loading levels

· A necessary condition for the game - the existence of the Internet

Summary: The game is undoubtedly done in good qualitative level looks attractive, but has its drawbacks - not enough fun and costly, because I always extorts infusion of funds. The combination of the two styles is not a very good solution, because the feeling of the runner if expecting the race, not very nice. Anyway, but the game has gained popularity and gained her fans.

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