Money Run


Money Run - good runner on Android. Today more and more appears so-called hybrid games that mix genres. A distinctive feature of pure runner is, above all, his infinity, then collecting coins along the way and overcoming obstacles. This game viderzhku since no final destination. Apart from this, you can not change the speed, whether you're running on foot, or eat on the car, the speed is stable. In racing you control the speed, and the faster you move to the finish, the better the results of the game. Along the way, you can shoot down the oncoming cars. Money Run game combines two genres - runner and race, because you are going to finish (as in a race), collecting coins along the way (as a runner). You can ram the cars in the race, but avoid the roadside. Speed ​​postoyanku as a runner.

You will manage the cool cars and enjoy physics and driving capabilities. The game is made in good graphics and can fully satisfy users, especially fans of runners.

Product Advantages Money Run:

· More than 60 cars are already providing developers, and the number is increasing

· Have time to get away from the police

· Perform different tasks in different missions

· You can take part in PvP battles

· The opportunity to get extra points for performing tricks

· For the game did not have to pay!

Disadvantages Product Money Run:

· Presence of advertising

· Better if it were a race to cool car, and a runner because runners podnadoeli

Summary: The game is good, but sad that it's not a normal race does not let me, because whether it's a race, it's great, especially when you consider the schedule and the number of cars.


Download Money Run apk Free 46.96 MB version 1.7.3

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