Rally Champions 3


Rally Champions 3 - racing on Android. If we take into account user feedback, you can create a product that can fully meet their requirements, and if left unattended opinion, the third part of the game will be what came out. Your best bet in this situation - to create the simulation.

The developers claim that changes have been made in all directions - to the physics of the car, in graphics, sound and control. Graphics have improved very insignificant, its quality is still poor. You can pay attention to, and can not pay to unattractive picture of the environment. Model cars made angular, although designed decent lineup: here and Subaru, iToyota and Mini, and Lancia, and others.

Despite the fact that the game is positioned as a simulation, it somehow just failed. You, for example, can safely pass through the opponent's car. This is unacceptable. Physics cars acceptable, but their management is uncomfortable.

Pricing strategy developers also changed. Previous parts have been paid, you can play for free in the trial version only. The third part - completely free.

What pleases game Rally Champions 3:

- Slightly, but still improved graphics

- Cool car

- Nice sound

- A large number of different tracks and tests

- For downloading does not pay!

What saddens game Rally Champions 3:

- Disgusting management

- Not a very good simulator

- There are bugs

Outcome: not failed these rallies developers. Of course, the game became a little better, but only slightly, and therefore we will wait for the next version with the hope that they will cool the rally, able to satisfy the fans.

Download Rally Champions 3 apk Free 49.36 MB version 1.2

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