Traffic Clash: race in Paris


Traffic Clash: race in Paris - a good race on Android. The idea of ​​the game is to not just drive around the ring, to improve the skill of the rider at the entrance to turn or when the path. If you eat in the city, the task is not to ram other cars, and the road straight - press on the trigger! The idea is good, but the implementation is not very much.

Perhaps you do not love that car to move in the same direction in the presence of a double axis. Have difficulty with control. Distorted sense of speed. You overtake the flow going at a speed of 70 km / h (reading your speedometer), and experience of 200 km / h. Not very clear look border oncoming cars.

The task is simple, but not always interesting. How to accelerate to 120 km / h with such heavy traffic. The game is implemented endless racing a process that can easily be confused with the runner, missing only collecting coins along the way.

Advantages games Traffic Clash: race in Paris

· Overcoming the dense flow of vehicles

· Jobs a lot, but similar to each other

· Different routes and highways

· A large number of cars, but try to win!

· You can become a real fan of auto racing

· Environment beautifully executed

Disadvantages Game Traffic Clash: race in Paris

· Plenty of paid items

· Very bad physics - the wrong sense of speed

· Disgusting animation

· Graphics leave much to be desired - look at the cars!

· Ambiguous genre

Summary: muddy game in which everything is done vice versa. The idea is good, but when the bushes look nicer than your car, which is extremely difficult to steer and too unpleasant ... one wonders whether such a race?


Download Traffic Clash: race in Paris apk Free 44.13 MB version 1.04.3

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