Mad Moto Racing: Stunt Bike


Mad Moto Racing: Stunt Bike - Trick great moments on Android with wonderful game Mad Moto Racing: Stunt Bike. Just waiting for you stunning stunts on a steep bike, which hastens to difficulties and dangerous stunts. The game is designed as a 2D race on a sandy desert background, where they were concentrated all the attractions of Egypt and not just backgrounds here enough.

Meaning of the game is quite simple, and also easy to ponimaniya.Vasha goal - to overcome several difficult areas and reach the finish line faster as your speed depends on how many stars will be obtained, and only three stars. You lurk and hazards such as falling, circular saws, trampolines, ropes and much more. Be careful to choose the right tactics drive. Choose the speed, feel where you add gas, and where to brake. On the right strategy, your bike will do amazing stunts.

It should be noted and the physics and graphics as graphics simple enough, but any frills here and is not required because it is 2D. Operating a motorcycle feel the difficulty of getting all the stars. The controls are quite comfortable, manageable accelerometer and the brake and accelerate by touching the screen.

Mad Moto Racing: Stunt Bike has features:

- Incredible location - there are six, and ten levels in each

- A promise from the developers to add more tracks in the near future

- Comfortable and convenient management gameplay

- Great physics

- There are many motorcycles that require unlocking

It may be noted and the pros of the game:

- Great simplicity, a fascinating process, tightening by - full

- Completely free game

- Great voice, while the corresponding bone-crunching fall

- There is a good challenging levels.

Outs can determine slight breeze that contradict the laws of nature, and for steep motorcycles have to pay $

In general, the game is good and will captivate you.



Download Mad Moto Racing: Stunt Bike apk Free 19.12 MB version 1.2

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