Maximum Racing 3d Drag Edition


Maximum Racing 3d Drag Edition - Great toy racing

for smartphones and
Android platform.

Overtake rivals on steep slopes such as industrial ports and residential areas of stone jungle, from the sunny deserts of burning rubber. For the super travel at your disposal a wide range of machines from

last century
otfuturistichnyh auto 80s to today's ultra-modern sports cars lawmakers.

Make a call to the champion drag, try to win it! Get pleasure from the competition with the best Street dredge how to quickly reach the maximum speed minuy obstacles, and you want Collision competitors off the track.

Pimp skills! Experience points you get if you win the competition with rivals. You get the opportunity to open a brand new high-end cars and new tracks for an exciting adventure.

Take the chance to become a cool

Drag edition! Unlock new powerful, steep
cars and tracks.

remember that this is only the beginning!

We would like to note that the Maximum Racing 3d developed quite a young company and this game is the first in a line of stunningly exciting races!

Try to plunge into a whole new world of racing for you!


Download Maximum Racing 3d Drag Edition apk Free 36.57 MB version 1.3

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