Lifeline: Whiteout

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Lifeline: Whiteout - game for android platform, the next part of the project from the developer Minute Games LLC. Parts are not connected storyline, but built on the same set of principles.

The gameplay is based on an excellent plot, where it is difficult to predict the final, because each of you decision directs the actor on a different road. You are constantly talking to a stranger who got into a difficult situation, so that the game is being introduced into your life and your experiences. Your character was in the glacier, where, besides the snow, nothing. Trapped, he also lost his memory. Chevron on the jacket with the name of the V Adams - is his only link with the past, and the only chance for salvation - link to you.

You will receive periodic notifications on the phone, so that you can watch your hero and guide him in one direction or another in real time. Your task - to bring all the characters from the trap and help him remember who he is. You can play a lot of times, each time getting something new, because your every has certain consequences.

The main properties of Lifeline game: Whiteout:

- A fascinating storyline

- Action in real time

- Completion of many options

- Your every decision determines the course of history

- Does not require Internet

- Lack of Donat and advertising

Negative properties Lifeline game: Whiteout:

- Paid - costs $ 3

- There is no trial version

- A rather peculiar, for an amateur

Summary: the game is worth the money they are asking for it, because it can be safely called a masterpiece of game art, although it is more specific, the main thing - to take it correctly and understand what is happening.

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