Desire - a game for the android platform by French developer Sylvain Seccia, made ​​in the genre of the quest. The theme of the game is very important, since ridicules the vices that afflict society, which makes the game very sensible and quite difficult to read.

Your task is to enable the Desire - is a boy's name, the main character of the game, to understand that the world is beautiful and multicolored. The boy goes to school and is suffering an exceptional disease, it does not distinguish colors, so it can only see the world in shades of gray and feels his darkness. His mood is depressed, that he refuses to draw the sun, because it is too gray.

You, along with your hero will meet a lot of different characters. These meetings will cause you different feelings and emotions.

Since the game is designed as a quest, it contains a dialogue, but they are available only in English; interesting puzzles whose solution will bring you closer to solving the problem, as well as a variety of useful items that you need to look for.

The main properties of Desire game:

- The original social story

- Urgent topic

- Fun gameplay

- Excellent design

Negative properties Desire game:

- Paid game - it costs $ 4

Summary: maybe the world is not multicolored, and the problems described in the game really make it gray. If you share the experience of the author, and you care about social issues, you will be interested.



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