Secrets: Eclipse

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Secrets: Eclipse - game for android platform, made ​​in the genre of adventure quest. As in any quest you have to solve puzzles, search for hidden items in order to save his friend, and together with it and all mankind

The game takes place in Thailand. Due to some circumstances, your friend Peter found himself a prisoner of the Demon of Darkness. You have to solve the mystery of the demonic plans and stop them perform rituals and sacrifices. With the tips you will be found to pursue the Demon of Darkness in a deserted town, to defeat evil and save his friend, and the whole world. To continue your journey, you must unlock the bonus chapter.

The main properties of Secrets Game: Eclipse:

- Not just a beautiful game, but very beautiful

- A large amount of detailed locations

- Clear and easy control

- A large number of HOS

- A fascinating puzzle

- Insert relevant story

- No additional purchases

Negative properties Secrets Game: Eclipse:

- Paid game - cost $ 5

- Trial version is not and is not planned

Summary: In conclusion, it should be noted that this good quest is available to those willing to pay for it is quite a tidy sum at present, receiving in return a stunningly beautiful picture, and quite trivial content, because it contains many repetitions of the projects of this genre.


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