The Secret Order 2


The Secret Order 2 (Secret Order 2) - game for android platform from the developer Artifex Mundi, which is a continuation of the previous plot of the game and made ​​in the genre of the quest. In the second part of the game you will travel through time, and in this journey you will find a lot of dangerous adventure, because you have to fight with the dark forces.

In all of its gaming developers of the project does focus on the design, so it is high quality. By building all locations, and them in the game quite a lot, the developer approached very responsibly, so they are all beautifully drawn with a high degree of detail - this is home, and the estate, and construction of the 17th century, where you also go.

The basis of the gameplay put quite an interesting story, and the gameplay itself is a kind of symbiosis of puzzles, search for items and mini-games. The game has a large number of different actors and a variety of artifacts.

The main properties of the game Secret Order 2:

- Gameplay in 15 different locations

- Very beautiful and in detail traced locations

- Excellent design

- A large number of items - more than 200

- A large number of characters

- Extensive system of achievements

- The ability to play 30 mini-games

- Free Trial

Negative characteristics of the game Secret Order 2:

- Paid the full version - the cost of $ 2

Summary: there are games that are not sorry to spend that kind of money, to have fun. This is a nice quest refers specifically to such game products.

Download The Secret Order 2 apk Free 48.87 MB version 1.2

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