Magic Escape


Magic Escape - a game for android platform from Finnish developer Goblin LLC, who like to call their gaming products using the prefix «Escape», although we must admit that their games on different subjects and with different storylines are very similar to each other. There are games about the adventures in Asia and ancient Egypt, about office life and a secret agent, and about the future of a beautiful life. Let's see what the game Magic Escape.

As proposed by the story the main character will have to protect its people, namely the Celts, from the huge army of attacking the Romans. The protagonist, who is a descendant of the Druids, decides to skip the army of the enemy in depth and deal a crushing blow to the rear. But do not expect that coming you bloody battle, not at all. After each level is a small quest. After passing level, and thus completing the quest, you progress through the storyline. Around you will be scattered various items that you will be able to find a practical and useful application.

The main properties of Magic Escape game:

- Intuitive gameplay with an interesting plot

- A large number of fascinating puzzles

- Registration in an attractive chart

- Beautifully drawn locations

- Pleasant soundtrack

- You can play mini-games

Negative properties Magic Escape game:

- A paid full version

- It is not possible to fully complete the game

- The presence of advertising, which, however, can be turned off, but for the money

Summary: many may not like the financial policy development, which involves the purchase of the full version of the game after you have already passed the half.


Download Magic Escape apk Free 47.6 MB version 1.0.9

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