Facility 47

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Facility 47 - platform game for Android from the developer Inertia Software, made ​​in the genre quest, which was based on a somewhat unusual story, unlike the subject of other quests. According to the story the main character was in splendid isolation at one of the Arctic base, in connection with which you face two problems: the first - to find out where all the inhabitants were gone base, and the second - to get out alive from this icy cold and snow.

Simple and intuitive gameplay is a simplified version of the HOS, devoid of puzzles and finds useless because each item found is intended to solve a specific problem, so it must be used exactly as prescribed. If you are having trouble passing a level, you can use the hint.

The basic properties of 47 games Facility:

- Nice design

- Beautiful location

--Developed areas

- Hint system

- Free Trial

Negative features 47 games Facility:

- Static game

- The English game

- Paid full version - the cost of $ 5

- Small Donat for more tips

Summary: You can not spend five dollars a static adventure, especially since analogues on the market more than enough.


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